A Complete Guide to Competitive Exams Preparation

By | January 13, 2014

If you are preparing for a competitive exam and are looking for some useful preparation tips, you can find them here. Apart from the tips, you will also get here everything you need to know about competitive exams.

What is a competitive exam?

Competitive Exams are organized by various public and private sector organizations for recruitment of human resources. There are basically two methods of recruitment: competitive exams and interview. An interview is usually the second step of a recruitment process following an examination. A competitive exam is organized to assess the technical and subject knowledge of the candidates.

Apart from job recruitment, competitive exams are also organized for admission in various graduation and post-graduation programs.

Are you eligible?

Guide to Competitive Exams preparationMost of the competitive exams ask for graduation as their basic requirement, but some others have their own eligibility criteria. Thousands of competitive exams are organized every year. You can find the updates and details of these exams either from the official website or from a job or career portal.

You will know the eligibility criteria and other exam related details from the official exam notification. If you are eligible and interested in a particular post, you can apply for the same.

 How to apply?

Application procedure for a competitive exam can be both offline and online. You will find the same information through the notification. Online application procedure is very easy and payment process is convenient. You can find the process details here.

How to prepare for a competitive exam?

As mentioned above, thousands of exams are organized throughout the year and millions of students appear in those exams. It is not an easy task to crack an exam when the competition is too high, but it is not impossible if you try in the proper manner.

Keeping the above thing in mind, we are here with some best and unique exam preparation tips and tricks.

  • Know the things: There are things you must know before you start preparing for a competitive exam. Competition is always high in such exams and you must never give up the hope and confidence. If you start something, do not stop until unless you complete it. If one door closes, another one opens.
  • Know your Exam: Before start studying, you must know everything about the exam for which you are preparing. It is even more necessary if you are applying for the first time. Collect some details of that particular exam and the concerned organization. Explore previous year exam syllabus, details and other statics. Also, read the syllabus carefully and understand everything you must know.
  • Analyze yourself: Once you know everything about the exam, analyze yourself to know where you stand right now. You can take the help of sample papers, previous year question papers and mock tests. This analysis will help you finding out the things you are strong at and the things you need to study more. Make a list of the topics and subjects accordingly.
  • Make a plan: A plan is the most important part of your preparation. Make a study plan based on your recent analysis and the exam syllabus. Make the best schedule to cover everything and give enough time for everything. Also, assign time for revision and practice.
  • Study Material: Choose only the best study material. Give some time for the same. Ask experts and professionals about the best study material for the exam and go for it. Either purchase books from a local store or go for online study material according to your convenience.
  • Starts with the basics: Do this only if you have enough number of days left for the exam. Competitive exams usually include questions from the basic concepts. If your concepts are not strong, you may not be able to solve such questions. Just go through with the basics and then, start with the actual subject.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Aptitude is a part of almost all the competitive exams and you must work more on this particular part. There are many books available for general quantitative aptitude, which is common for almost all the exams. Just grab a book and go through the concepts and formulas. Once you are done, practice with sample questions as much as you can. Go online for sample quantitative aptitude papers and questions.
  • English: English subject is also a part of most of the competitive exams. Many Hindi medium students often find it hard to solve English paper questions. If you start reading the theory part, you may need many more days. Instead one should focus more on the practice and exercise part. If you practice something for a number of times, you will get proficiency in it. Also, work on your vocabulary and word power.
  • General Knowledge: For general knowledge, find a good book and learn as much as you can. If you do not want to read much, just go through the past year news and updates. Important topics from G.K. perspective include politics, finance, economy, business, education and history.
  • Time management: It is very important to know how to manage your time while preparing for the exam and in an actual exam. No matter how much you know in the exam paper, you may not be able to write everything or attempt all the questions in the given time. So, prepare yourself for more in less time. Practice helps for the same.
  • Keep confidence and hope: Always keep confidence and never lose hope. Hope is the thing that drives us further and confidence is the thing that can make impossible, possible.

You can find many tips for competitive exam preparation, but in the end, the result depends on your hard work and dedication. If you follow the above tips and work hard for your exam, you will definitely make through it.

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