JEE Main Exam Preparation Tips

By | November 28, 2016

Some Useful Tips for JEE Main Exam preparation:-  JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is an all India entrance exam for admission in various country and state level engineering colleges. India has the largest number of engineering colleges in the world and also, probably the largest number of engineers in the world. IITs are the most popular engineering colleges in India. JEE exam in conducted mainly for admission in IITs and other reputed engineering institutions in India. You, being a worthy candidates, need to get ahead to secure a seat in your interested engineering College.

Millions of students appear every year for the exam, and only some thousands are selected. JEE is considered one of the most competitive exams in the world. JEE Main 2017 exam is scheduled for April 2, 2017(Paper-I) and April 8th & 9th, 2017 (Paper-II). You must clear JEE Main exam in order to be eligible for JEE Advanced exam. Candidates, who are going to appear in JEE Main 2017 exam, must have already started their preparation. Here, we will discuss some preparation tips for JEE Main Exam.

How to Prepare For JEE Main 2017:-

JEE Exam is hard, but not impossible to crack. Remember that every year, more than five thousand students clear this exam. If they can, why can’t you? Keep the confidence that you can pass through this exam. Study with proper planning. JEE exam is very different from our regular academic exams, and it can be concurred only through high level of preparation. Before you start with JEE Mains exam preparation, you must know the exam pattern, syllabus and all other exam details. JEE has recently changed its exam pattern, and it can be a new experience for the first time aspirants. You can get an overview of the exam pattern through sample JEE Main papers or through mock tests.


  • First and foremost, refer less books for theory: Don’t select the lengthy and usefulness books. NCERT books are more understandable  than other books.
  • Must Have a practical study plan: Your study plan involves your to do list as well as order of syllabus.
    Before start the study, you need to make plan for you JEE Mains Exam.
  • Examine your strengths and weakness: Students need to learn from their mistake and should move ahead. If you think you are loosing your confidence level, just take rest from study and start boost yourself and again start study.
  • Don’t go for longest approach to any MCQ: Save your time to do MCQ, try to approach shortest solution.
    Your efficiency for JEE Mains= (efforts put in)/(Satisfaction of JEE Performance)
  • Prepare weekly and daily time table: It is not possible to complete syllabus in a day. So create daily and weekly plan.
  • Take help from previous papers: You can download previous paper from official website.
  • Do not get tensed frequently: Don’t think that JEE or any other exam is the end of your world.
  • Trick of elimination to answer MCQs: Ask from yourself to select “which if these are wrong?” instead of “which of these option is right”
  • Take care of your health: You need to start sleeping early and waking up after a good sleep before the exam.

Since JEE Main is one of the toughest exams in India, it is common to get depressed while exam preparation. Proper planning and study will let you overcome any kind of stress and exam depression. Just keep confidence and study well.

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